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Fri Mar 26 08:15:39 EST 2004

Very nice job, Jim, I'll be using some of those gifs
Always refreshing to see people share their art and gifts for free.

Have a good weekend everyone!  Last Friday I went to a Messianic Jewish
service.  I heard music I never heard before. It was so melodic and the
worship lasted over 90 minutes.  Then after the sermon there was more
singing.  I've always said that it takes AT LEAST that long to wind down
from the cares of the week, from fighting with the hubby and kids on the way
to church (hehehe), etc. to finally calm down enough to concentrate on the
We'll be going back tonight.


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> Good Morning, and Happy Friday to all!
> For anyone interested in new Gospel graphics to add to your website or
email, I
> just opened a little site -- -- 
> It's a new and very small collection, so far, but more are on the way.  At
> least the links should be working right now, anyway.
> I've also recently updated another believer's website:
> It's got some meditations and stories, etc for believers.
> Feel free to send any suggestions or comments on either site to me at
> jim at
> or you can reply to me at the address showing (goodword at in
> message.
> May the Lord enrich each of you and be pleased to bless each of you with
> knowledge of His will.  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all
> it's fullest measure.  Amen
> Jim
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