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Mon May 10 02:10:52 EDT 2004

He is always in in our midst.

On 5/9/04 10:31 PM, "Bruce Woodford" <bwood4d at> wrote:

> Hi Glenn,
> Thank you very much for your "rabbit trail" on Matt.18:20!  You have
> reminded us of the context of that statement, and rightly so. It does have
> to do with "church discipline" and reconciliation.
> But there are many other commands and instructions of the Lord Jesus which
> we are to obey "in His name".  We are to pray in His name, give cups of cold
> water in His name, we are to baptize disciples in His name, reveive little
> children in His name, cast out demons in His name,,,,,,,,,,,,,
> In short, I believe that to do anything ":in His name" is to do it in
> obedience to His command or instruction, in other words, with His authority.
> So, whenever 2 or more believers come together to obey the Lord in anything
> He has commanded them to do, do you not think that His promise to be there
> in their midst is a very real promise?
> Would love to hear your thoughts!
> Your brother in Christ,
> Bruce
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>> Just as a side comment...
>> I would like to says something about Mathew 18:20 and how is is often used.
>> Often I hear this verse quoted... "For where two or three come together in
>> my name, there am I with them."
>> It seems that every time I hear this verse quoted by someone, it is being
>> used to try and say something almost mystical about when Christians gather
>> that there in that place exists some incarnation of the church and Christ
>> magically appears and it is like a 'church meeting'... Or something like
>> that. It almost seems that house church people like to use this to justify
>> small gatherings (which don't need justifying... Small gatherings of
>> Christians are totally legitimate forms of fellowship and worship). And IC
>> church people like to use this verse to justify that Christ is there with
>> them even if them to pray for something (as if a bigger more official
>> gathering had more power in prayer to God).
>> But I think both of these uses of the verse are out of context...
>> If one examines the context of this verse they will see is is not in the
>> context of a "church gathering" or even a "fellowship" of friends... nor in
>> some description of a 'house church' or prayer meeting of two or three.
>> It is mentioned at the end of a section where the context is that of
>> resolving sin and conflict among brothers -- how to deal with each other,
>> how to handle forgiveness and Christian relationships, how to handle
>> 'church
>> discipline' if you will.
>> Verse 20 in this context is saying that when two brothers resolve
>> differences and agree together... THERE... God is in the midst of that!
>> God desires that we rightly handle our disagreements and RESOLVE them
>> rather
>> than separate over them. There in he midst of two or three who have
>> forgiven
>> each other and resolved conflict do we see God working.
>> Sorry for the rabbit trail... Or the soap box speech... But I just had to
>> mention that since I hear it mentioned all the time.
>> Glenn Frank

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