Comment to 'Heresy of a Professional One Man Ministry'
  • Hi there Stephen, wherever you may be. 

    I also wondered the same. If either President had read this book - this book written by the distingusihed person they were likely named after.  If so, they would have certainly found a weapon of mass destruction against modern priestcraft.  Be it of the Catholic or Protestant version. Not to mention all the other world religions which require a clerical intermediary between themselves and the Almighty.

    Looking from the reverse point of view, I wonder how the senior George Bush would feel if he was aware that one of his descendants was responsible, in part, for the death of a million Iraqi citizens? Not to mention our own casualties, life-time mental and physical disabilities, and a massive trillion dollars needlessly spent and yet still unpaid for.

    Countries like Iraq, by the way, are a good example of a culture where traditional Protestant churches will not work. The persecutions of Christians there is cruel and unrelenting. 

    Let us be a blessing to others in this short life. So that when we come to die our minds will not be filled with regret, guilt, and haunting memories of hurting others. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.