Comment to 'Sacramental questions'
  • Nice work, David. I think that you hit on some key points for me. Your comments on the Lord's Supper are close to my heart. So too those on baptism. I had lived nearly six decades before I became aware that Paul's comments to the Corinthians were made in the context of a public meal. As you describe it, a "real hunger and thirst quenching meal". Yet I can never recall any church of any denomination that I've attended ever talking about this. Either Communion was ignored, or it was just a quick five minute deal after the morning sermon on the first Sunday of each month. Every church denomination appears to want to be true to the church as found in the Book of Acts, so why isn't a simple detail like Communion being a part of a regular meal for which the saints gather not a well-understood part of the activity of the church?

    For those who confess that Jesus is God Incarnate, come in the flesh to save us from our sins (1 John 4:2), I say that you are my brother or sister in Christ. Beyond that, any division that you would place between us by your interpretation of Scripture is shameful and sinful. The Bible calls us to be united in Christ, not argue over nuances of our respective theologies and the machinations of humans.

    Praise his Mighty Name. Blessed assurance - Jesus is Mine