Comment to 'Observation'
Comment to Observation
  • Hey dear brother, you are onto something important. While you take us down a hallway with many doors. That is to say: Many ideas which shape many aspects of life and church life come into view. Good!

    Laziness is still alive and well, no doubt. The concept of "six days you shall work" is losing momentum in the West, obviously. Today, many will work hard to get out of work. And will cheerfully give their vote to the political candidate who promises the most free stuff.

    Likewise, in the spiritual realm, there is also to be found the same passion for inactivity. I can recall reading house church discussions as far back back as the mid 90's. Whenever the concept of law and grace would come up - and themes about working out your salvation or exercising oneself unto godliness... almost instantly someone would state that works do not save, which of course is true. However, we are saved for or unto good works.

    One clever guy back then would always respond as if with great authority: "Hey everyone, JUST BE."  This may sound a little absurd because... it is. In an ironic twist, the main proponent of the easy "JUST BE" plan, had great difficulty holding down a job himself - all while proclaiming to be have won "The National Greek Scholar's Award". In other words, he sought to lord it over others with credentials he did not possess.

    Just be.... what? Be who? Be where?  It's akin to another favorite slogan of this thankfully bygone era: "Don't go to church - just BE the church." Yes, there could be an element of truth there depending upon what one possibly meant. Literally though, it means: "Don't go to the assembly - just be the assembly." 

    Nowhere is the Scripture is a single person referred to as the church or a church. Try telling one of your children: "Don't go to school today - just be the school." 

    OK. Let's focus. Jesus Christ went about DOING good. He walked down the street - they asked: Is this not the carpenter?" In his earthly form, He, the Son of God, did not claim to be exempt from employment. Nor did he ever try to market his ideas and teachings for personal gain on the side. That fact is very interesting and commands our attention.

    Our Savior - a selfless man of industry, occupation, and action. Praise his holy name!

    "If anyone will not work, neither should he eat." Where are those modern day preachers, prophets, apostles, bloggers, etc who would touch a verse such as this? They are quite scarce, no?