Comment to 'A Personal Journey'
  • Dan, I praise the Almighty for your life today. We have been friends for many decades, thanks be to God. Oh my, we have seen a lot, no?

    If someone wants to teach others - their own character should support their words. I know this is the case with you. That means a lot in this world where there is a continual cry for authenticity.

    Frankly, there are folks in the alternative church movement who should not be teaching others or selling books until they repent of their own actions - rather than spend their entire adult lives trying to deny them.

    So. Being in a house church will not fix everything. And Satan will not let up. And sinful human nature must be constantly reigned in by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Back to Dan. He is not one to recommend himself but I am aware that he has taken several international mission trips at his own expense. He and Brenda have had a children's ministry for many years, too. Both are excellent musicians, playing multiple instruments each.

    Those visiting here from Ohio will be interested in Dan's regular employment in the Governor's Mansion.

    Readers, he has a ‍‍fine internet site with many resources. I just listened to an excellent podcast there about missing priorities. I was blessed and you will be, too. The podcasts could also be used in your meetings now and then. Or as you mow your lawn.

    Others of you who have Christian sites of any kind, please post the information in the Discussions Forum. Good.