Comment to 'Ekklesia vs Church: This ain't That.'
  • Hey there dear brother, you have touched on many serious issues. We definitely should dig deeper here. I'm going to be thinking about this and I hope everyone else will look into it in greater depth. I was reminded of a footnote I read just yesterday:

    If I recall, the NT "churchy" words were just common words, already in use. For example, the word for church also applies to the vicious mob, recorded in the book of Acts. And of course, words change meanings over time - just as the swastika was once an ancient Christian symbol.

    Lemme rant here for a moment.... Last week I received climbing gear from Notch, designed in your city. Those mountains also produced a legendary tennis champion who has even defeated Roger Federer: John Isner. Not to mention Honda jet aircraft, flying cross-country in just a few hours.

    I'm a former North Carolinian (Montreat) so let me remind the world that when the Declaration of Independence was being penned, an earlier version of a similar document was either on the table or in minds of those who were sitting there with their quills. I'm referring to the Mecklenburg Declaration.

    I bring up these details because the city is not that large yet its influence is global in reach....

    Soooo your own life and your small church be used for good if you follow the Lamb, seek his glory, and pursue his Kingdom. Just like the mustard seed which grows into a great tree. Or the yeast which makes bread to rise. Or the "stone" in Daniel's prophecy which grew and "filled the whole earth". Etc.

    Someone might have reminded the mother of John and Charles Wesley that she was just a housewife. But years later, books were written documenting how, under the hand of Providence, these two men changed the entire landscape. One such book is entitled: England After the Wesleys.

    Reader, let us get in step behind Jesus. Let us love him every moment. Let us obey his words, regardless of where they may lead, knowing that the final outcome will be in his hands.