Comment to 'Ekklesia vs Church: This ain't That.'
  • Hey Jesse. Hey all. Here's just one more example of how things went askew regarding our Christian vocabulary. Check it out and think it over if you will.

    It's a real tragedy that we are even having this discussion instead of advancing the cause of the Kingdom in more tangible ways. Ways in which every believer is a co-equal brother/sister and a bona-fide minister of the Almighty. We have literally lost centuries of opportunities..

    These are fundamental issues and as they say: Form determines function. Obviously, the church needs to adjust and even overhaul her form and structure. And that without delay.

    The author was the Professor of Hebrew at a major University. He also wrote a Hebrew Grammar. This page is from a biography about him after his death. We'll be publishing (without cost) more of his work before long.