Comment to 'Sabbath Issues'
Comment to Sabbath Issues
  • Hey there dear Sunset, good to see you on our site. We welcome you in Jesus' name. It's obvious that you have a burning love for Our Lord and for his word.
    (You remind me of myself. Because my mind is always racing from one topic to another. Haha. Especially as I read the scriptures each day. And as I see the news and behold my beloved country go deeper into decline, even into chaos. I don't share those things here because our focus is Christ-centered, non-traditional churches. It's not that current events or other Biblical questions are unimportant, of course.)
    That Sabbath question has always intrigued me and house churchers have a golden opportunity to recovery a special day of rest. For myself, I cannot see that the day was ever changed on the calendar. It was intended to be a day of rest... which doesn't exactly correspond to the "first day of the week".
    I love how Jesus reminds us that the day was made for our happiness. And to be a delight, too, as the saints of old were also reminded.
    Sometime, will you let us know how you all celebrate and honor this special day in these modern times? We look forward to it.
    First, how are you all? We are fine.
    As we have come unto this knowledge of the Sabbath, Of resting, as we understand having Bible studies with the material of His teachings, especially on that day at home, with our leader and members live on a radio conference hook-up with one another.
    But since our leader is deceased and his wife, we have been getting studies with the scriptures concerning that issue mainly, and about the Kingdom.
    Love, Walter And Debbie