Comment to 'In the world today, where are the Ten Booms and Bonhoeffers??'
  • In a word - modern Christians do not understand the breadth of the Kingdom of God or the Lordship of Jesus Christ. They essentially believe that faith is only private and personal - not public, as well.

    Interesting that Jesus refers to himself by political terms - A King with a Kingdom.

    The early Christians opposed a culture in which "Ceasar was Lord". The Christians boldly proclaimed: Jesus is Lord - And would not cease to proclaim it in public. Thus they were opposed.

    Yes, our citizenship is in Heaven but it is also here.

    Remember, in the story of the Good Samaritan, the person who got involved, who came to the rescue was the Samaritan - not the priest nor levite. This story should be used to counter clergy - laity errors.

    The world is on fire. We cannot be silent. We cannot hide. .

    • That is very True, in my thinking a house church is most likely the better-equipped place for providing shelter as some of the foundational mindsets are already in place, like being silent and remaining unseen. A standard brick-and-mortar congregation has things to lose, so I see them as being hesitant to do the right thing.