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Wed Jan 21 09:33:36 EST 2004

BTDT - but we were there 20 years ago, and in Denver.
Let God lead.  Hear the experience of others, but seek God and His way for you.  My frim belief
is that you are correct in doing what you are doing, and God has given you desire for your
family that you will never regret.  Follow your family, not a society of christians.  No mean
words toward your brethren there, but God is not in programs, period.
Dan ChicagoArea

> Hello,
> We live near Columbia, SC (somewhat north, about an hour from Charlotte,
> NC).  We're just starting to consider the possiblity of a HC.  I guess it
> seems a little extreme... sorta like homeschooling used to seem really
> extreme to us too. (We also thought 4 kids were extreme when we only had 2..
> but hey, now we have 4!). lol.
> Anyway, we're having some major issues in our church organization regarding
> the children's programs. The issues have actually led us to consider what we
> NEVER considered before -- leaving our church group. (not "The Church" of
> course, just that congregation). My DH accepted Christ just over a year ago
> and that group really has changed our lives for the better. Unfortunately
> their focus is so much on growth that other things are ignored. My girls
> enjoyed serving with me in the nursery  . They are 8 yrs & 6 yrs and very
> responsible -- plus, they have two younger brothers (3yrs & 5 months).
> Anyway, we were told this is a safety concern and against the rules. They
> need to be in THEIR classrooms for THEIR ages. The age-based stuff also
> meant my 6yo was moved into another class when they revamped the rules. She
> was in the class with her sister, but they switched it to 6-11yrs, instead
> of 5-11yrs, so she was moved.
> I guess I'm tired of the rules and all of that jazz. I don't want my
> children bribed with pizza parties to attend church. I want something real
> and good.. and basic.
> Eeks. I'm rambling. :)  If someone is near this area and knows of a HC could
> you let me know?
> Thanks,
> Bridget
> bridgetb at seespoteat.com
> between Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC

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