[House Church Talk] Re: Pattern or simply an adaptation?

flash flash at mbz.org
Tue Jan 27 14:34:31 EST 2004

Brother RJ - am I amiss in what I am hearing?
We are brethren seeking understanding of what you say and it is beyond you nor interesting for
you to get for us?  That can only mean it is not realistic and not biblical?  I have lost track
of the tenor or thread of this conversation you were undertaking with brother Cliff, but this
sounds like a cheap doctrine or teaching using this type of language and justification.  I am
sorry if I am taking this incorrectly...

That is how I am seeing it - and I am rong bunches of times.  I just don't like for brethren to
do this to each other.
Dan ChicagoArea

> Well, if I must, I could dig out the musty old "Cemetery" text books and get
> some references.  However, this point is not of great importance and I don't
> really feel it is worth further discussion.
> Thanks Again,
> RJ

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