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> I am again 30 some jobs behind and battling a sense of overwhelmed ness.
> The extent of repair work needed may not fit into the budget. I need
> wisdom on what to fix and what to wait on. Which mowers are a priority,
> which can wait. How to spend the financial resources that we have.
> Strength to work longer with limited equipment to do the same work.
> Cliff Silliman <cliffsilliman at>
> 1 Corinthians 14:15

Hi Cliff. It sounds like a squeeze. The Lord knows how much pressure we can
bear (and how much we need).

The saints here will be praying for you. 

The Lord has been speaking to me recently about reliance on Him for daily
manna. It seems He delights in hearts that are perpetually reliant on Him.
He won't allow me to live on yesterday's manna, nor save today's for
tomorrow. This is certainly true in the spiritual realm, but sometimes seems
to even be His design in the physical (although we are elsewhere encouraged
to emulate the ants, who save for the future).

My flesh would prefer to not live on the edge of dependency, but He knows I
need the physical reminder of financial stretching to keep me crying out to
Him. May He use all this to not only show His might and loving care for you,
but also to draw you further into dependence and yieldedness to Him. May
your family have another demonstration of our great God's generosity.


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God bless you.

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