Positive results of the pandemic?

From the first week when the Covid-19 was discovered in my state of Ohio, I realized the weight of the challenge it would bring to North American churches.  Now that most public houses of worship are closed, the familiar routine has been seriously disrupted. However, believers still have tremendous opportunities for fellowship using the technologies available. In fact, I have had more fellowship with more people from more places recently than before!

The people of God have never been in a place where they cannot obey God. They can always pray, worship Him and love others. It might be more difficult, and in some cases lead to martyrdom, but that is certainly not the case here in North America. Maybe, just maybe, more of us will learn that we really did not need so many costly programs and facilities to fulfill our destiny of glorifying God and enjoying Him forever!

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    • Brother Dan, I admire your optimism in this dark moment when the cases of the Virus now exceed 2 million world-wide. And in the USA one in seven jobs have been lost.

      We might look at this situation and ask why a gracious God allowed it to occur. We must remember however, as you say, that God calls US, the church, to serve not just each other but others as well. We are his hands and feet, so to speak figuratively.

      How do we do it? I'm not sure. The Scriptures speak of working with our hands that we may have something to share. Yet in Jesus' story of the foolish virgins, the head of the house admitted that if he gave up his own oil... then he would have nothing.

      Where is the balance? With Wesley, I would agree: Earn all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can.

      • Dan - Good post.  I belong to a house church fellowship meeting with members from Montgomery County, Preble County, and even Richmond, IN.  We have been using Zoom to keep in touch.  I agree with your thought that "we really did not need so many costly programs and facilities to fulfill our destiny of glorifying God and enjoying Him forever!"  I have been making similar statements to many of my friends.  In my experience (I'm only 46 years old), Church life without expensive entertainment tends to draw less people because entertainment draws a crowd.  Miracles, signs, and wonders also draw a crowd, but the daily grind of dying to ourselves, carrying a cross, and following Jesus is not always "fun" or "entertaining", at least in the eyes of the world.  Simple Church life, without expensive programs or entertainment, can be very refreshing and very family-like.  Keep enduring to the end!  Boyd W. Gentry   

        • Boyd, thanks for your comments. I am greatly encouraged to know that I am not alone in my observations. I am not totally against miracles, signs and wonders to draw a crowd, since Jesus performed miracles and drew large crowds. The result was more people heard the Gospel. Big events in our day can also be useful in this way.
          The problem is when we depend upon them as believers who should be learning to live in the love of God, the grace of Jesus, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit every day of their lives.

          • You are most definitely not alone in your thinking

          • Hello- I am brand new here. My husband and I are parting ways with our congregation due to a “treading water” situation in the wake of COVID that has had us sitting in our individual cars in the parking lot each week listening to a broadcast.
            Our young children have simply checked out and we have struggled to see how what we are doing is truly the work of the church anymore.

            We want to start worshipping in the house church way and hopefully bringing others from our family and friend groups. I’m in Cincinnati area and am not sure how to find out if similar minded groups are meeting near me. Any suggestions?


            • Ashley,

              It is likely that many others are feeling like you do these days. In the Cincinnati area there might be some groups you could seek out. There is a data base I think somewhere on this site that might help. It might be better if you could connect with other believers you know in your area with whom you have some things in common. Please pray and seek God for guidance and be patient for Him to open doors for fellowship.

              You could invite some people over for a meal and listen to their hopes and concerns. Friendship and faith together can form a powerful foundation for what God wants to do among you. In the mean time you could also find fellowship with like minded believers on sites like this one.

              I hope this helps.


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