Good Conversation at the Home of Future Governor

Variations of this conversation are often heard in today's world. They have to do with Christians looking around and then essentially "giving up". Not just among the young - but the old, also. Some view the present state of the world as an indicator that the Son of God is about to return. Perhaps there is an inward sigh of relief because the great commission will no longer require any attention.

In retrospect, and we note with irony that George Whitfield had huge success and was considered by many to be the greatest preacher since the Apostolic Age. He could draw outdoor crowds of 25-30 thousand. Still... he seemed to be ready and eager to hang it up.

Another heavy-hitter sitting there was our main character, one William Tennent. Tennent established a Christian school in a log cabin that became famous as the Log College, later to become Princeton University. He filled his pupils with evangelical zeal - a number of them became revivalist preachers in the First Great Awakening.

I've included a few more pages beyond this super interesting conversation about the unusual character of Tennent and his love for his country, too. 

Dear friends in Christ, God's word will not return without success and completion. Never doubt it. It is more certain than the rising of tommorrow's sun. 

Do not be discouraged!

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