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Moneyless Missions by David Lim

There seem to be more theorists than practitioners in our movement. David is both. He's what we would call a missions strategist. He wakes up every day desiring that more people would somehow meet their Saviour. Then he attempts to execute a good plan.David earned a bachelors, 2 Masters and a Ph.D. degrees. He's used these academic credentials to write 4 books, edit 4 and contribute more than a hundred articles and papers in various journals and books since 1983.His latest writings are in community development, Christian theology, Asian cultures and inter-religious relations.He's presently the President of Asian School of Development and Crosscultural Studies (ASDECS), based in Manila, Phili

Chinese Church Taking the Lead in World Missions

What a plan! Self-supporting, professional, Christian workers showing up to... work. Rather than arriving with their bags and seminary certificates and expecting to become religious local professionals. This is not to suggest that a seminary degree isn't a useful thing. All learning is of value just as surely as all truth is from the Almighty,I'm reminded of how the Apostle Paul found fellowship with those of the same employment and craft. And our Lord, too, of whom it was asked: Is this not the carpenter?Accordingly, David Aikman envisions “thousands of Chinese technicians and workers”, wearing the disguise of the professional workers of the Chinese led global system of economic development

The Elders: Seniority... book review by John Elliott

Here is a review of a recent book entitled: THE ELDERS: SENIORITY WITHIN EARLIEST CHRISTIANITY. STUDIES OF THE NEW TESTAMENT AND ITS WORLD by R. Alastair Campbell.It a obviously a book about the identity of those called elders. As this word reads - so does it mean. These are merely the older Christians who are given the responsibility of oversight and shepherding in the church of God. When readers of the New Testament letters came across the word, it already had thousands of years of clear meaning.By viewing this review one will be reminded that the traditional consensus view of church leadership is being challenged and that it is ongoing. It's too bad that we lost about two thousand years a

Differences in Judgement about Baptism by John Bunyan

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Eventually, the subject of baptism will come up. Can this puzzle finally be solved? Hundreds if not thousands of books have been written regarding the mode and subjects of what is considered by most as a sacrament.But... there are few books out there which regard external water baptism as now obsolete. In view of a better, inward spiritual baptism. This volume seems to lean toward the latter view. Read it for yourself and decide.We're brothers and sisters in Christ. We are seeking unity, not division, as we seek the truth. Therefore we will not allow our interpretations to affect our friendship and good-will towards every other child of God.That said, it never hurts to take a fresh look at a

The Problem of the Gifted Speaker by Stephen Perks

One of the problems facing the Church in the Western world today is the problem posed by the “ministry” of those who are considered “gifted speakers” and consequently idolised by the Church. Stated in its most simple form this is the problem posed by the prioritising of the personality, charisma, “profile,” popularity, stage presence and ability of the speaker as an orator and entertainer over the content of the message being delivered—in short, the triumph of style over content, the consequence of which has been the creation of an intellectually feeble-minded and theologically malnourished generation of churchgoers who are over stimulated by sentimental and mindless entertainment worship ma

The Synagogue - Not the Temple, James Gall

One of the very best books on the subject of Church history. The author was not a man of inferior learning. He compiled and published a Concordance as well as books on Astronomy, among many other things. Also, a poet.Look through it here and if you can use it you can download this large, once rare volume for your own collection. It is now offered in a single file.The days are short, the nights are cold. Warm your soul at the hearth of James Gall.

The Christian's Highest Priority

The relevance of this book is as real and as urgent as the day it was originally penned. Charity or unselfish love, is intended by the Almighty to be the framework of relationships, families, marriages, neighborhoods, churches, and even societies. Love is the fulfilling of the law, in fact.We must never again lose sight of this intention and the example of God's Son. These matters are repeated and illustrated many times yet still lost upon most of us.Churches must cease being a charity unto themselves. They should exist not for the benefit of their machinery but for God's mission to the World and to the needs of others. Christians likewise should immediately end all monetization of the Gospe

Modern Myth of Christian Eldership

If you pursue meeting in a non-traditional way, you may be criticized for lack of leadership. This is an excellent essay - a chapter from an old book - which addresses this basic issue.However, if the writer is correct, it means that many are completely unaware of their responsibilities.Yes, we are our brother's keeper.

Modern Myth of Ordination

This is an important topic. Not just for theology geeks. Here for your perusal is an old and a new resource. Both are by writers not of inferior learning. One writer, in fact, was the Professor of Oriental Languages at a major university.There is no office of elder. Christian elders - literally older ones - are rather appointed (ordained) to the work of non-professional, informal oversight and shepherding.1 Peter 5: The elders which are among you I exhort, who am also an elder, and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed: Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for fil

The Claims of Pastors by David Lindsay

The latest church revenue statistics show that religious congregations in the U.S. take in around $74,500,000,000.00 per year.The majority of these billions is for salaries. As the saying goes: You can only spend it once.Is the Church in the West truly a servant church and a bona fide charitable organization? Or is it a charity itself? Does this money go to true ministry and evangelism? Or merely to keep the wheels of the church machinery turning?

Good Conversation at the Home of Future Governor

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Variations of this conversation are often heard in today's world. They have to do with Christians looking around and then essentially "giving up". Not just among the young - but the old, also. Some view the present state of the world as an indicator that the Son of God is about to return. Perhaps there is an inward sigh of relief because the great commission will no longer require any attention.In retrospect, and we note with irony that George Whitfield had huge success and was considered by many to be the greatest preacher since the Apostolic Age. He could draw outdoor crowds of 25-30 thousand. Still... he seemed to be ready and eager to hang it up.Another heavy-hitter sitting there was our

Seniority and Supervision, GT Manley

Elders really are elders! Should we be surprised?But what were they "appointed" to? Oversight or bishoping - the only thing which they could be appointed to. This was understood when elders were said to be ordained. Was every older man to meet the qualifications of oversight? I would think so. Note how Peter addresses the older ones, who were among them. Not imported from beyond. Which has made a lot of problems in the last few hundred years. The church I was raised in, for example, was needlessly split by a young guy fresh out of seminary...Was there a formal distinction made between elders which rule and those who teach? Not really, although in any group there will be those who excel in di