Modern Myth of Christian Eldership

If you pursue meeting in a non-traditional way, you may be criticized for lack of leadership. This is an excellent essay - a chapter from an old book - which addresses this basic issue.

However, if the writer is correct, it means that many are completely unaware of their responsibilities.

Yes, we are our brother's keeper.

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Comments (2)
    • My father was an elder in the church I grew up in. Elders were elected each year and for some reason there needed to be twelve of them. I never understood where in the Bible they came up with this.

      • LOL, yes I have noticed that as well. I remember a church long ago that did the election thing and had a number they wanted to shoot for. I kinda did a flip on all that with the last plant. Due to everyone's age, I am the youngest in the group. They all can have the job.

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