The Myth of the Lord's Supper... by Andrew McGowan

As always, we are seeking to enlarge our perception of worship and leadership and life. But not to take anything away from anyone. Our goal is that Christ will become our all in all. So in other words, if it is your habit to partake of a small portion of bread and juice - a few times each year. And call it "The Lord's Supper" and find fulfillment in your Creator in that moment... we will rejoice with you.

Others desire to go further and view every meal as a reminder of the Bread of Life and Water of Life. And that every Christian senior (elder) aspire to be an overseer (bishop). That every physical place on his earth is holy. Every day, also. That every believer is ordained (appointed) to ministry or service. As every thought becomes captive to Christ. And whether therefore we eat or drink, we do all with reference to our beloved King and Savior.

Some have a very symbolic view of all of life, you see. As always, you should prove all things by the Scriptures. 

The author is a faculty member at Yale University. He appears to have a "high church" background which makes his conclusions even more persuasive. Some of his other essays are here. This document appears by his kind permission.

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