Comment to 'Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins'
  • Hello Valley Ant

      I actually grew up in the Bellingham area and that is where I started my Christian /Prophetic Journey. Long story short, this is also where I started my first house church.

      Your vision is a good, detailed vision that does make a lot of sense, it make sense because it fits with many other prophetic insights. Let me explain.

      In the 80s I climbed up the side of Stuart mountain and had an open vision. It was of a giant spider running all over the county. Whenever any spiritual activity took place it would go to that place and increase it’s web. The Lord showed this web is a web of Lethargy and Complacency and with it the enemy uses it to keep God people UNDER the water.

      Then in the 1990s

      I ran into a person of similar gifting to mine. He works as a contractor and has told me many times in various places of the feeling that the Body was under heavy water.

      Around 1986 a contractor was sent by the Lord from Oregon to come and pray for the area. He climbed up Haystack hill (Sumas area) in the summer. What he saw scarred him so much he went back to Oregon. In the vision it was the middle of winter, all the trees were gone because the refugees had used them for firewood to keep warm. This sight stretched all the way to Vancouver BC.

      The fact that your vision is connecting all this to leadership makes sense. I can’t tell how many times I ran into issues with local leadership. Without going into detail on this platform, I can say this, there really are wolves in sheep’s clothing out there. And not everyone claiming Apostolic or Prophetic gifting is real.

      That is one of the reason I no longer live there.

      Dan Beaty is right, there are many good leaders and I have met several on my travels around the United States and many I would call friend and brother. However I strongly feel what you have is VERY local to your area.

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    • 1. The vision was a word of wisdom about the Church in general as well as the churches in Bellingham. The paralegal (who had a pastor's heart) was praying and would often pray for God to bless the city which God already wanted to do. The vision was telling him not to pray for God to bless but to pray for God to release the 'carriers of the blessings' as His vessels to bless the city. The prophetic and apostolic ministries in the vision were imprisoned (the prophets- Matthew 14) and condemned to death (the apostles- 1Cor. 4:9) which reveals that the enemy is holding back and oppressing these ministries as he always has since the OT and NT. 

      2. "As the head goes, so goes the rest of the body." This is practically always true across realms (eg. physical, soul, and spirit), across kingdoms (eg. God's and satan's kingdoms), and across even truths and principles (eg. the Law of First Mention). In late 2003, I was praying in tongues when the Holy Spirit began to travail through me (never a nice experience). He was weeping and praying about the global and America's churches' leaders and their culture of sin, compromise, and lack of power (He gave me the interpretation), and so I was weeping as well though at the time I hadn't really experienced the leadership problem much. But between then and now, I've seen enough to know why He was weeping and groaning and travailing over not the church but its leaders. 

      In Bellingham, I met the false prophet that the enemy placed as a leader among the churches. This false prophet started rumors about me and the principalities over the city and the satanists (satanists secretly own the city) got behind him to drive me out. But I met the genuine prophet who God set it in the city to bring revival. Unlike the false prophet, the genuine prophet was suffering tremendously unlike I had ever seen. God put me with him for a type of mentoring, but unfortunately, this prophet became offended at me after I had the above 3-part vision and he cut ties with me because he became envious. I'm currently in a place of needing to hear from God about my next step as I'm basically 'in the wind' right now. 

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