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A short job description for each of the 5 fold ministry in Ephesians 4:11

Apostles: Train and then commission for ministry Prophets: Discern and confirm gifts in others. Intercede to see the plans and purposes of God. Evangelists: Win souls and turn them over to the pastors and teachers for discipleship . Pastors: Disciple and nurture the new believers. Teachers: Bring believers to maturity for the work of the ministry. Apostles: Close the circle by commissioning a new crop of believers into their place of ministry.Besides these descriptions in simple terms the church has basically 3 functions beside worship and praising the Lord. 1. To win souls. 2. Make disciples. 3. Send out workers. Then it begins all over again with winning souls. Its simplistic but covers mo
Where Healing Belongs

Where Healing Belongs

   by LARRY CRABB   Why would a man redirect his life's work at its zenith? Two years ago, in an interview with Christianity Today, Larry Crabb, a Christian psychologist and best-selling author, announced, "In the end, all counseling—intentionally or not—deals with issues of sanctification. The primary context for healing, then, should be the Christian community, not the antiseptic world of a private-practice therapist." Put simply, Crabb has had a conversion experience, and his new thinking has direct implications for pastoral work. Crabb coined the term eldering to describe what he believes ought to go on in the local church between older, wiser members a
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