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As you would lay the foundations for your own church at home, remember that you are acting upon an ancient Biblical and a historical precedent. A practical one, too. You are acting upon the Word of God - not reacting or overreacting to something or someone else. You are building upon the foundation of Jesus Christ, the solid rock.Do not however expect too much nor too little from your initial endeavors. Thunder and lightning won't occur. Christian meetings, although essential, are not and were not meant to be an end in themselves. Their purpose is to equip, edify, encourage, and excite the saints for something else - ministry or service. The popular view that spirituality is essentially meas
This is the one minute elevator version... The story begins and ends with the glory of God, past, present and future. The Creator extends his love to us through Christ for his own glory. His name is love and love is what he does. His love motivates us to deny ourselves and to love others. So true it is that the Scriptures can say: "Whoever is born of God loves the brethren." What could be more natural? Love always desires the company or fellowship of it's object, be it one or more persons.And what could be more natural and instinctive than to eat with and meet with other Christians in a domestic setting? Thus house church - a simple, scriptural, time-proven, low-cost arrangement for young an
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The Young Church In Action
John Milton on the Priesthood of all Believers
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And this all Christians ought to know: That the title of clergy St. Peter gave to all God's people, till Pope Higinus and the succeeding prelates took it from them, appropriating that name to themselves and their priests only; and condemning the rest of God's inheritance to an injurious and alienate condition of laity, they separated from them by local partitions in churches, through their gross ignorance and pride imitating the old temple, and excluded the members of Christ...For we have learned that the scornful term of laic, the consecrating of temples, carpets, and tablecloths, the railing in of a repugnant and contradictive mount Sinai in the gospel, as if the touch of a lay Christian,
Is there anyone meeting in Hernando or Pasco counties on the Florida Gulf Coast?
Schaeffer Desires More from Christian Artists
Regardless of what sort of Christian music you listen to, if you are blessed then I will also rejoice. To each his own. Or her own.Some of us can only make a joyful noise... Me, for example.Franky Schaeffer had strong words for the Christian Music Industry way back in the 80's.Today Christian endeavor in the arts is typified by the contents of your local Christian book store, accessories, paraphernalia shop. For the coffee table, we have a set of praying hands made out of some sort of pressed muck. Christian posters are ready to adorn your walls with suitable Christian graffiti to sanctify them and make them a justifiable expense. Perhaps a little plastic cube with a mustard seed entombed to
Hello! My name is Rob Pineda, and I live in Deltona, Florida. My family and I are going in the house church direction, and was wondering how others feel about starting out with just your own family? Is that not a good idea? Is it just fine?  Just looking for some opinions, and input. Thank you so much!
child of god house church 108 9th st Niles Ohio 44446. Sunday service 7pm. Come be blessed.
The Church Has Left The Building!
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Recently I have considered how the Covid-19 might affect many churches financially, as their numbers are limited in gathering, and when the offerings of many are received. That got me to thinking of the time when Jesus sent out His disciples and told them to not bring additional provisions. Their needs were supplied, and they were fruitful in their work.So how much does it really cost to love, serve, and bless others with the Good News of the Kingdom of God? I know we all have physical needs, but my hope is that we will learn that we can worship God, and serve others much more efficiently than we have in the past, only because we had to during this time.
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When things go wrong as they sometimes will,When the road you're trudging seems all up hill,When the funds are low and the debts are highAnd you want to smile, but you have to sigh,When care is pressing you down a bit,Rest if you must, but don't you quit.Life is strange with its twists and turnsAs every one of us sometimes learnsAnd many a failure comes aboutWhen he might have won had he stuck it out;Don't give up though the pace seems slow—You may succeed with another blow.Success is failure turned inside out—The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,And you never can tell just how close you are,It may be near when it seems so far;So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit—It's when things
Thank God for Good Moms
Oh my, what a sheltered life I have lived! When I was a small child and would encounter the few Bible stories of bad women, I was completely unable to associate any woman in my own world with their strange behavior. In fact, in my Senior class in High School, I was not aware of a single broken home among my friends. My neighborhood was no different. Of course, this does not mean that they were all happy homes. And later, some divorces did occur.I am the sixth child myself so I am thankful to have lived in a time when children were perceived as blessings. Like your Mom, mine was the best. 'Brother Mother' we called her. She was fun but very saintly in all her ways. As for ever witnessing her