Comment to 'promise or hope'
Comment to promise or hope
  • Hi all. I have witnessed a number of these scenarios even within home-school communities.

    Of course we desire to hope the best for our children - that is only natural. Look at Job - thousands of years ago his main concern was that his children might forfeit God's blessings. Just as many others in Old Testament times did.

    Proverbs are like sayings. Sayings which may or may not be true in every single case. It is often true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away... Yes, they will return to the Lord when they are old but what about the time before that? What if it is years and decades? I don't see a clear answer, myself, with regard to a certain timeline of events.

    What is clear is that our patient prayers are never wasted with regard to our family members. And we, as parents, should find the courage to keep the doors open and to repent of anything we may have done which is possibly hindering them in their spiritual life.

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