Comment to 'What does Jesus mean when He says, "upon this rock I will build my assembly"?'
  • Hello dear Todd, it sounds like you know more about this matter than I do. Great to hear from you today. I'll just add:

    30 years later. Peter the Pope strangely refers to himself not as God's number 1 man on earth but simply as a fellow elder. Nor did others refer to him by majestic titles.

    As for his first Papal Bull (decree), he was completely mistaken and needed to be rebuked by the Son of God. Even called by the name of Satan. Plenty of bull, there, no doubt.

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    • Thanks David. I'm not sure that I'm any more enlightened than anyone else in discussing this matter, but I do place a great emphasis on this particular subject as I'm struggling to find any institutional church where its leaders know the basic principles of the Christ faith. They may espouse many "truths", many of which are built on cultural understanding of Scripture and not based on deep study of the Word itself. I have been guilty of this myself, which is why I'm digging much deeper into the subject.

      I very much appreciated your comment about "Papal Bull". :-)  You are spot-on with that comment. I have always wondered how some Christians who rely on Apostolic Succession for their authority can also claim the cloak of infallibility for their pronouncements when Peter is such a mess sometimes. He was so bad in one instance (Gal 2) that Paul had to severely reprimand him.

      I appreciate you pointing put that Peter calls himself a "a fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ" in 1 Peter 5:1. That's good stuff.

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