Funding of Missions. Urgent!

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    • The last few days I've watched a handful of videos on the impending split of the United Methodist Church over cultural issues. It seems that in every video the topic of money comes up. Now while I'm very concerned for our dear brothers and sisters in Christ and what the future holds for them, I can't help but think about how much angst that they are having over something that should not be all that important. I've heard much during this time about issues of property ownership and unfunded pension liabilities. I don't ever recall seeing any of this in the New Testament.

      Thanks much for sharing!

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      • It is interesting that you should bring this up. I saw a video of a Methodist church in a rural area that decided to give up the building that had ties to the denomination. They found this change was liberating and the church grew into a tighter knit community. They rented space if I remember correctly from schools and got back to the basics in Christ.

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