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What are the minimum requirements?

Greetings Church. We have been thinking about several church questions in our family. The questions about the number of leaders and participants necessary for the establishment of a Christian Church don't seem to attract much attention. I guess we are just used to the model of the large group mentality. 

So are there other models found in scripture and history?

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  • I have wondered about this myself and often felt Christ's model of 12 disciples was intentional. Of course, it was the right number for His inner circle, but could it also be a model for His Church?

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    • Community is important and is being in contact to help each other with no ties attached is what attracted me.

      We are one Body and one Church.

      Loving one another listening and accepting discerning the truth that is The Holy Spirit and is revealed to those that seek and love God by faith and trust by looking at creation and our own life.

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      • of course Jesús is our Lord God the Son who obeyed God the Father and left us himself in the Holy Tradition and said I go but I will send the Spirit of truth.

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        •  Matthew 18:20: "For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst." It would seem that a church/fellowship can begin with as few as two or three who have gathered together in Jesus' name. Begin there, teach God's Word, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, evangelize, and let God bring the increase.

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          • Hi friends, consider this fact, often overlooked. Nowhere in the Scripture do we find a command to start a church or to plant a church. But rather, we meet as the church.

            Yes, Word and Power Ministries, God will add the increase. Elsewhere, we read that others were added to the church - never that a new church was founded, started, or planted. 

            This is significant, in my opinion. The focus was clearly on evangelism and serving others. Then, after the conversion of others - they simply met as the church. I say simply because this method of organic growth is much simpler than being overly concerned if we have enough members or leaders or a permanent place to meet.

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