Welcome to the newest arrivals!

🌹 So glad YOU are here! 🌹 About 275 new members this year, so far.

Remember, to correspond with another member, just click on your Name (after you log in) and go to the Conversations area. Then, you may privately exchange messages. You will be notified via email that a new message has arrived. 

Someone also asked about the Friendship feature today. Personally, I have a mixed opinion about it. Still, this platform has the ability for you (or a Church or a Group member) to send messages only to your Friends (or a Church or a Group), if you choose. Interesting, huh?

A few minutes ago I contacted the programmers of this platform to see if the Friends feature can be disabled or disabled in a future release.  I'll let you know and we can discuss it and vote on it, too.

Thank you for the positive feedback.

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Welcome to the newest arrivals!
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