How to Post a Location?

Dear Team House Church Network:

I am sorry to trouble all of you, but I cannot figure out how to make my and fellowship location appear on the global map. Yes, I have selected the "Make Location Public" switch, but that didn't make it public.

If anyone has any tips, it would be a blessing.  

Thank you,


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    • Hi there Timothy. Yes, there is more work needed here. This is indeed confusing. Thank you for the friendly reminder. 

      The platform can "detect" your location but it's best that it be manually entered. 

      Some clients will not want to give their street address and that's fine. To get on the map, all that is required is a City, State, and Country.

      We will clarify this process and get back to you. Hopefully days - and not weeks.

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      • Thank you for taking the time to reply.

        I don't know if you know this, but the "Location Button" defaults to "Off," and I have spent one hour trying to find a way to get around that.  

        "To get on the map, all that is required is a City, State, and Country."

        The location to add a "City, State, and Country" is very well hidden.  I cannot find it anywhere.



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      • Hey there, dear Timothy. Thank you for calling this confusing issue to our attention a few weeks ago. Trust me, I have been working on it. And I will try to simplify it further. In the "Edit Profile" and "Create Profile", too.

        For now, it actually works but occasionally fails due to the system privacy settings of your computer. And even browser settings, too, depending on your browser.

        In other words, to respect one's privacy, "location services" have to be enabled.

        Don't give up. Let us know how it goes. And see if the (toggle switch) button turns to green - then you will be on the map.

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        • Hello, my brother. Again, I appreciate your leading us to this issue and for your patience, too.

          When you find the time, please return to your "Edit Profile" page and enter your Zip Code and/or City Name and Country. As you do, watch for the the text underneath to alert you that you were "found."

          Then save your Edit Profile page and go to the Map, also known as the Directory. Your profile pin should appear there... without revealing the details of your precise address. 

          Your privacy and safety is critical in this age of scams and identity theft.

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          How to Post a Location?
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